Again and Again and Again

Currently we’re on day 3 of “Justin is Missing Potty Training Again and it is SO Not Fair”. I know it’s been a while since I’ve been over here and I feel bad. Really I do, but life is hectic right now. There’s a lot to talk about so here goes.

As you might have gathered, Justin is not home. He’s gone on a little TDY (temporary duty) that has put him back in the states and it completely sucks. It might be for 2 months it might be 4 months. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely positively ecstatic that he’s not back in Iraq, but we’ve only been in Japan for a month and a half. It’s only been 6 months since the last absence. The kiddos and I are seriously ready to have him home for a long time.

Miss Lauren, my little super achiever, got citizen of the month for February. I’m so proud of her. She truly amazes me on a daily basis. She’s only in the first grade and she’s already been to 3 different schools, yet she manages to make friends quickly (she’s already wanting to call them on the telephone) and adjust better than I could have hoped. She loves going to school and I’m so thankful that she is nothing like me in the friend making department. I’m a total spaz in person.

Kate is also doing very well. She’s loving gymnastics. I can’t believe her birthday is right around the corner. She just doesn’t seem like she should be 5 yet. Since she didn’t get to go to preschool out here, she’s very excited about going to kindergarden in August and I know she’s just dying for the warmer weather to hurry up and get here so she can go to the park and make friends.

I’m trying to potty train Ryan these days. I hate this part of my job. I’d rather get up in the middle of the night to crying babies than potty train. He’s doing okay, but we’re definitely a long way from being done with diapers.

As for me, I’ve got a big thing in the works. Still waiting on something that should’ve been here this week before I can go ahead with it, so until I get that I don’t want to announce it and jinx myself. But it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.

Our house looks like it might finally sell. If this deal falls through, I’m totally going to cry. Oh! Last bit of news, since we had to leave Tessa behind with Justin’s parents we decided to get a kitty here. It’ll be easier to take a kitty home than it would’ve been to bring one here. We found a wonderful sweet guy named Smokey-san to join our family. He’s a 3 year old Russian Blue and just as cute as can be. I haven’t been able to snap a photo of him yet because he’s still a little shy around the kiddos, but he keeps me company at night.

I think that’s about it. I better go check on Ryan and make sure he didn’t pee all over my rug. Again.

10 Responses to “Again and Again and Again”

  1. Laura Says:

    I’ll gladly trade potty training for getting up in the middle of the night!!!

    Oh, guess what, we’re moving too!! But just back to Va Beach… its an easier commute for me since I have to take Evan to the babysitter when I go back to work. :) YAY! Our house goes on the market on Wednesday! I’m so excited!

    Gotta go finish the laundry for the day.

  2. nikki Says:

    Miss you, chica! :) Tell the kidlets I say hi.

  3. Mom Says:

    Well, It really sounds like you guys are adjusting to life in Japan just fine. I, too, am proud of Ms. Lauren for getting student of the month. I sure miss all three of the little ones. Picture are nice but I like that feely – touchy stuff a whole lot more. I do wish you lots of luck on your “secret”. (Of course, mom’s know everything so it’s no secret to me. LOL). By the way, I keep repeating over and over – “it will sale, it will sale, it will sale”. Be sure and come back sooner next time. We all want to hear from you. Love to you all. Miss ya bunches.

  4. Sara Says:

    *hugs* I’m glad you are adjusting so well to that foreign land. I can’t believe he’s gone again, that’s so unfair!

  5. Karen Says:

    HE LOOKS LIKE TUCKER! So sad. I miss that cat. Glad to hear you guys are doing well. More updates! Give the tikes a hug for me.

  6. Grandma Says:

    Happy Easter to all my angels in Japan and the one that having fun on the beach. LOL.
    Really miss seeing the children hunt their eggs.
    I can remember one Easter when Jenny was a little one and it rainrd that Easter. I hide your eggs in the house. Finally you said grandma find a better place to hide them. I know all tour hiding places.
    Love you’ll

  7. Laura Says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :) I’m being totally lame by not sending a card, but hey, its the thought that counts!

  8. Paula Duncan Says:

    Awe!! Poor little guy!! I am so happy I never had to potty train!! Jordan managed to do that one all on her own!! It sounds like most of you are settling in great!! I can’t believe you moved all the way over there so that he could end up back in the states!! Gotta love the military!! I hope is back with you soon!!

  9. Sara Says:

    Hey girlie, how is everyone and everything?

  10. Larissa Says:

    Hey girl, You need to post on this thing more than is august and your last post was feb..something isn’t right..get your butt back on this website and post..

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