Umm… Is This Thing On?

So, we’re all still alive and kickin’. I can’t believe I’ve neglected this place for so long. I have no excuse, so instead I’ll just jump right in with the latest.

Lauren turned 7 a couple weeks ago, then promptly lost some teeth. Soccer will be starting soon and she’s very excited to start the 2nd grade. She’ll more than likely be in a multi-age class again this year since it worked to her advantage last year. She’s growing like a weed and already she’s nearly as tall as my shoulder.


Kate also celebrated her birthday back in May. 5 years old and so ready to start kindergarten already. She’ll be playing soccer this year, too. She’s enjoying Japan so much. Every time we leave the base all of the kids ask for sushi.

Justin's Daughter

Ryan turns 3 this month. I am seriously confused about where my baby went. He’s done with the whole potty training thing. No more diaper changes for me! We’ll be putting him in Yochien (Japanese preschool) in September. If my poor little Mom heart can take it. I’m excited to have the day child free to do whatever, but at the same time I’m a little… I don’t even know. But what am I going to do with myself all day?!

My Buddy

We’ve been spending lots of time at the beaches and running around town. We do some of our grocery shopping in the Japanese grocery stores to get ourselves out and experience some of the culture. We love many of the local restaurants, too. It helps me keep my mind off the fact that I miss Target. And Old Navy. And Chili’s, Starbucks, and lots of other places, too.

All in all, we’re enjoying our time here. And I’ll try not to stay away for so long.


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  1. Jodi Says:

    So glad all is well in Japan. Your kids are beautiful and getting so big. My son Austin turned 15 in June.They grow up so fast. Is Justin there with you or did they ship him off somewhere? Take Care.

    Jodi in Colorado

  2. Brandi Says:

    Wow- three years already? That means that’s how long I’ve been dropping by your site. Glad to hear that you guys are so enjoying Japan. The kids look gorgeous as usual- as does your photograhy!

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