What 8 Months?

Peek a Boo

My bad.  Again.  Moving on.

So, here in the land of Iwakuni we have limited American shopping options.  And when I say limited, I mean we have The Exchange.  The Exchange hates me.  I want some tiki torches, so of course, there are none at The Exchange.  I proceed to my default second option, Target.com.  It can never be as good as stepping in to a brick and mortar Target and getting smacked in the face by the smell of popcorn and seeing all of that shiny, pretty red, but you take what you can get.

So, I find some tiki torches online.  I like them.  I put them in my virtual shopping cart.  I go to check out, but no.  There will be no shipping of the tiki torches to APO/FPO addresses.  WHAT?!  So, frantically, I check Amazon, Lowe’s, and Home Depot only to be shot down again and again.

I thought about taking my neighbors’, but it’s an awfully small base and I’m sure I’d get caught.  I could ask The Exchange if they’ll be getting any more tiki torches this summer, but I’d have to talk to 95 people before one of them would finally give me the wrong answer, so I’m stuck checking in every few days to see if some miracle has occurred and they actually have something people want to buy.  Besides Roxy purses, because they usually have an awesome collection of those.  Until I see them anyway…

3 Responses to “What 8 Months?”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Dude, that sucks! I would just steal the neighbors and make sure to tell them that Target.com sent them :)

  2. PePaw Says:

    Did you get any torches? Can you get the fuel there? If so I can mail you some. Let me know.

  3. Jennifer Wilson Says:

    I know this is half a year (or more) late, but in case you haven’t already discovered it:

    Pass it around… you can have stuff sent to a place that will then ship the item(s) to your APO/FPO address. I have friends in Iwakuni who use it, and I live in Okinawa and will be using it to order my new bedroom set from IKEA. Hope I was still able to save you the trouble of checking back at the exchange every week for new/better goods (usually to be disappointed). :)

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